GTA V is the best rated PC game in history  screenshot

GTA V is the best rated PC game in history

Grand Theft Auto V , this is the name you need to remember. The latest reviews of the new Rockstar game show that it has charmed the critics, praising the title to be the masterpiece of this generation, until a new challenger comes to claim the throne, beating this new GTA.

The victims of the ranking have been Half-Life 2 and Out of the Park Baseball 2007, alongside with The Orange Box, the first Half-Life installment and BioShock, all of them with a 96 rating, less than the 98 rating for GTA V. These rates are according to the average of the experts’ critics, calculating the rating of the most relevant videogame sites.

The PC game is a remaster version from the original edition for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, having a great visual improvement for a full HD experience, as well as some new additions to the game. The new first person game view allows the users to experience GTA V from another perspective, getting all the details of this vast city.